Many of the larger boat shows around the country have cool lounges where people can sit back and relax and drink in the atmosphere.

Well, if any boat show has atmosphere, it's this one!

But we wanted to do something completely different - something more Idaho...

The Idaho version of a boat show lounge manifested as a two-sided 'western stage':

  • Side A would be the Western Hearth (almost like a living room in a mountain home)
  • Side B would be the Western Pub (similar to a western bar or high end dining area)

3D models were crafted to give the concept some tangibility.

This is the stage concept for Mark's Marine:


This is the stage concept for Tobler Marina:


To pull it off, we've teamed up with the Construction Classes at KTEC Kootenai Technical Education Campus in Rathdrum.  

School Principal Colby Mattila (who has a background in construction management) and Construction Teacher, Brian Davis led the way in figuring out what it would take.

Two separate classes have been tasked with the stage builds. The morning class will work on Tobler Marina's stage, and the afternoon class the stage for Mark's Marine.

And they've gotten to work!

Stay tuned as we reveal the builds during the 2023 Cowboy Boat Show!